History, the hotel seaside of Rome

It was 1952 when Carmelo Previte, the uncle of the current owner, conceived the idea of building the Bellavista Hotel seaside of Rome. He wanted to introduce on the Roman waterside a concept of hospitality that could be at the same time innovative and peculiar to the traditions of the Italian hotellerie. In 1967 the plan was expanded to the Neorealist adjacent detached house, created by the engineer Del Monte in 1934, becoming the Hotel La Riva. In the 90’s through several transformations and improvements made by the current management, the Riva Hotel seaside of Rome has today become one of the most comfortable hotels on the Ostia seafront, the only quarter of Rome on the sea. Today, thanks to the passion of its owners and through a plan of integrated communication, the two structures have been reunited into the one structure that reflects the aim of reaching on a daily basis high standards of quality in providing the guests with the warmth of a house combined with continuous innovation.

“uncle Carmelo”

rom the 50’s Mr. Carmelo Previte, uncle of the current holder and aunt Mildred, with their few savings from their life as migrant workers in Australia, have dedicated their life to the business of renting the detached house situated in P.le Magellano 16 in order to transform it into a modest small guesthouse (Bellavista – Hotel seaside of Rome).

Uncle Carmelo managed the property in a typically family-oriented way: his sister Vincenzina was the cook and his nephews (one of whom is the current owner) were the waiters.

In 1967 he had the opportunity to rent the adjacent detached house: thus the hotel La Riva was created (now Dependance), provided with a pretty garden in which the uncle Carmelo livened up the evenings of his guests, creating every evening various pastimes: cocomerata (watermelon eating), the cap game or the spaghettata at midnight. The guests, mainly summer residents, were also considered as relatives.

“the present property of Rivabella hotel seaside of Rome”

In 1980, when the uncle decided to leave the Bellavista Hotel seaside of Rome, the current owners (that’s us, Antonio and Lucia – in the photo), for several reasons, among which the aim of to encouraging siblings back from abroad and the great lure towards entrepreneurship, began this activity, thus expanding it and renewing it until its management became a real philosophy.


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